Article MT250

Fred Jordan

Some reflections on the singer

After an unprecedented deluge of new articles this year, we now reach what I suppose must be an important point in MT's virtual career; 250 articles are now online.  The 250th is one from Mike Yates, in response to a comment from Roly Brown in a recent Letter, where he concluded: Surprising, isn't it, that, since [Fred Jordan's] death, there hasn't been a peep in terms of commentary.  Another hero bites the dust ...

Mike decided to take up the challenge, but also suggested my asking others if they would like to write about Fred, so that we could have several pieces printed together at one time.  I suggested a similar approach to what we did with the Ten Records that Changed My Life article a few years ago: I publish Mike's article first, and solicit further pieces from others to be added to the first one as time passes.

Accordingly, you'll find Mike Yates' Fred Jordan article, Derek Schofield's response, and Angela Carter's 1967 piece * online now, and I will add any other pieces which any of you care to send me, in due course.

* According to the agreement with her publishers, the Angela Carter article has been online here for 6 months, and has now been removed - sorry if you missed it!

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Article MT250

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