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A Survey of East Suffolk Country Music
by Keith Summers

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In late 1977 Traditional Music magazine, as it's parting shot, published a 50 page article by Keith Summers - a survey and round-up of his collecting work in East Suffolk - entitled Sing, Say or Pay!

Copies of the magazine sold out fairly quickly, but did not save it from the financial difficulties which eventually caused the demise of its successor, Musical Traditions.  Editor Alan Ward always hoped to have the piece reprinted - but the money was never there.  Unfortunately, that's still the case, but ...

Once again, the wonders of Internet publishing come to our aid and, with Alan Ward's blessing, after 21 years of unavailability, Sing Say or Pay! rides again.

It isn't quite the same however, since some of the photos which graced the original version were returned to their owners and are now unobtainable.  But we have a newly updated and corrected text, and - in place of some of the photos - sound clips from Keith's extensive tape collection.  We are sure that readers old and new will find it an equally, if not a more, rewarding experience.

Chapter 11 (List of Recordings) was obviously very out of date and has been deleted.  Instead, a list of the applicable recordings is included at the end of each part.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


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